Josts now offers Omega Lift’s rough terrain forklift trucks series in India. Omega Lift offers specialised machines for heavy duty applications on rough terrain environment especially for use in infrastructure projects involving construction activities, steel mills & yards, mining facilities, rail yards, port applications, military applications etc.
Omega Lift trucks have been developed with the intent to achieve superiority, challenging established industry standards with every move. With their tough build, high ground clearance, 4-wheel drive and steer capabilities, Omega Lift all terrain lift trucks enables handling heavy loads in unconventional positions and in uneven terrains with exceptional maneuverability. These heavy duty forklifts that can handle loads up to 31 metric tons and can easily operate on gradients up to 40% with mast tilt capability of 250 – 300.

All maintenance, repair and spares of Omega Lift trucks would be fully backed up by Josts sales and service offices.

Omega Lift’s Rough Terrain forklifts are available in the following capacity series:

  • ALPHA Series – Capacity 2.75 tons with lift up to 3.4 mts.
  • 2X Series – Capacity 6.35 tons with lift up to 9.1 mts.
  • 44236 Series – Capacity 3.65 tons with lift up to 10 mts.
  • MEGA Series – Capacity 9.10 tons with lift up to 6.1 mts.
  • HERC Series – Capacity 31.75 tons with lift up to 3.6 mts.
  • UG Series – Capacity 9.10 tons in 4-wheel steer and 22.7 tons in 2-wheel steer models.

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