We offer reliable moisture analyzers with a combination of features to suit individual needs and budget. In addition, the aluminum oxide moisture probes offer superior sensitivity,speed of response, and calibration stability. The moisture generators are designed to generate precise, repeatable levels of water vapor pressure in a carrier gas stream.

This rugged, intrinsically safe, portable hygrometer measures moisture in gases and non-aqueous liquids. It is used in conjunction with Moisture Image® Series (MIS), TF and M Series moisture
probes for applications including:
• Natural gas
• Chemical and petrochemical gases
• Non-aqueous liquid applications
• Air separation plants
• Tanker preparation and filing
• Industrial gases
• Gas cylinder preparation and filing
• Shipboard applications
• SF6 circuit breakers
• Furnace gases/heat treating
• General plant/facility maintenance

• Hand-held portable design
• Intrinsically safe
• IP67 rated
• Large graphic display
• Internal data logger
• IrDA® communication with PC
• Stores up to 60 log/site fi les
• Simple programming via graphic user interface
• Compatible with all GE moisture probes
• Lightweight hand-held sample system
• Convenient carrying bag to store hygrometer and
all accessories

Portable Hygrometers

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