HygroTrace Transmitter features an integral backlit display and keypad electronics package mounted on a “flow-through” tee sample cell that can be installed directly into the process stream or on a bypass leg of a gas distribution network. HygroTrace measures from 0 to 100 PPBv moisture in nitrogen or argon gas with trending analysis beyond the calibrated range. The accuracy of the measurement is ± 20% of reading or ± 5 PPBv, whichever is greater. HygroTrace offers unprecedented speed of response for aluminum oxide sensors in this very low range with a response time of less than 20 minutes to 95% of a 25 PPBv step change. HygroTrace features analog (4-20mA) and digital (RS485) outputs. HygroTrace’s compact VCR sample tee is designed for installation where space is limited and requires no custom machining.



  • Highly accurate moisture measurement from 0 to 100 PPBv
  • Innovative measurement technique using newly patented aluminum oxide sensor technology
  • Simplified, compact “flow-through” tee sample cell design
  • Stainless steel VCR fittings
  • CE and UL508 Certification
  • Integrated display/user interface
  • Analog and digital outputs for full integration
  • Compatible with PanaViewTM Interface Software

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