The XMTC Binary Gas Analyzer Measure Gases such as H2, CO2, CH4, He & Argon by thermal Conductivity for variety of gas  related application.

The XMTC Thermal Conductivity Transmitter is suitable for thermal conductivity analysis of hydrogen and other gases.

A thermal conductivity gas transmitter for use in the
following industries and applications:
Metals Industry
H2 in N2; atmosphere in metal heat-treating
Electric Power Industry
H2 in cooling systems for generators
Petroleum Industry
H2 in hydrocarbon streams
Chemical Industry
• H2 in ammonia synthesis gas
• H2 in methanol synthesis gas
• H2 in chlorine plants
Methane Industry
• CO2 in methane
Landfill/Biogas Industry
• CO2 in biogas
• CH4 in biogas


  • Optimized reaction processes
  • Improved effi ciency and increased process up-time
  • Greater safety assurance
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Reduced installation cost for hazardous area locations
  • Remote monitoring

Explosion-proof display/controller for use with:
• XMO2 thermoparamagnetic oxygen transmitter
• XMTC thermal conductivity hydrogen/gas transmitter
• Any other 4 to 20 mA output transmitter
• Explosion-proof for Class I, Division 1, Group B,C&D hazardous areas
• Flameproof II 2 GD EEx d IIC T6 T85°C
• Infrared (IR) through-the-glass keypad
• Universal AC input
• 24 VDC power supply for XMO2, XMTC or O2X1
• Software for measurement of percent or ppm oxygen or hydrogen


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