Over the years, product quality testing has become extremely critical and has created an advantage for many companies in a competitive market. Josts’ is well tuned into such market needs and offer advanced solutions for testing various production systems under dynamic and static environmental conditions. Use of best-in-class technology and support of a team of competent engineers, ensures that each of our solutions delivers precise, accurate and optimum performance, even in the most demanding applications like testing of space & Defence equipment where there is no margin for error.


Environmental Test Chambers for simulation of conditions like temperature, humidity, corrosion, dust and rain to be used for various tests.

Thermal Shock Chambers for testing the effect of a sudden change in temperature on material properties, electronic circuits or components.

Altitude Chamber for testing the effect of vacuum and low temperature on various components used in space application.

Temperature Test Chamber1

Electrodynamic Shakers

Electrodynamic Shakers Endurance testing using Electrodynamic Shakers for various applications in Automotive, Aerospace & Defence.

Automotive Test Benches

Automotive Test Benches for carrying out durability tests & performance tests on various components used in the Automotive industry like gearbox, Clutch etc.

Shock Testing Machines

Shock Testing Machines of various capacities to be used in the design and destructive testing of components, hybrids, circuits, and complete assemblies.


Ovens / Drying Oven

The Universal heating oven / drying oven stands for unparalleled precise, even and gentle temperature control.This Oven can be used for material tests, ageing of computer chips, run complex experiments with highly sensitive loads, drying or tempering electronic components, hardening plastic resin or heating plasticine.

2 B&K-new
7 Benchmark-new
22 Yinhe-new
11 KOHLER-new
18 King Design-new

Major projects include installation of Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination (SHED) system for Emission Analysis, Environmental Chambers, Electrodynamic Shakers in various industry segments like Defence, Automotive, Electrical Machinery, Aerospace, Electrical and Electronics Components, etc.

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