The LP 1000 Series wet/wet differential pressure  transmitter is ideally suited for use in clean room HVAC monitoring and control. The device offers several improvements over traditional sensors such as user-accessible damping, excellent long-term stability, and wet/wet differential operation where conductive fluids may be exposed to the measurement diaphragm.


Features and Specs

  • Ranges: ±0.1 inH2O to ±1 psi(0.1 inH2O at 1 psi)
  •  Accuracy to ±0.25 % Full Scale (FS)
  •  Wet/wet differential pressure
  •  User-accessible damping (10 ms to 2 s)
  •  ATEX Intrinsically safe certification
  •  LCD display models available
  •  Red/green status LED

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