Jost’s is pleased to announce their launch of their ‘Diesel Forklift Trucks’ range. The diesel forklift of various capacities caters to a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Jost’s state – of – the – art diesel trucks enable precise operation and optimum productivity combined with low fuel consumption by means of their electronic control systems. These forklift trucks are well tuned to perform medium to long distance operations and they also ensure smooth, shock-free handling of load.

Various attachments and accessories to cater to different applications or customer requirements are optionally available.

Jost’s Electric Forklifts comprises of following range:

  • JFD 20 – Diesel operated forklift truck forklift truck with 2000 kg capacity and lift up to 6.0 meters.
  • JFB 30 – Diesel operated forklift truck forklift truck with 3000 kg capacity and andlift up to 6.0 meters.

For more details, please feel free to visit our website diesel forklift section or you can also write to us at

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